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Pressemitteilung NN 2020 04 23

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Schäfers transparent packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of highly refined transparent packaging such as clear folding boxes, die-cut packaging and cuttings for the branded goods industry.

Due to the perfect transparency and protective function of packaging made of rigid foils, Schäfers has taken up the challenge of the current situation and developed a transparent Face Shield made of plastic foil. It was developed on the basis of up to 80% recycled PET foil out of PET bottles and can be recycled after use. The certified material comes from German manufacture.

The Face Shield , which has been submitted for registered design protection, is 43 g light and has an optimal wearing comfort, which enables the wearer to have a "carefree daily routine in work or private life".

Whether in administration or production, you are not restricted in your daily routine, i.e. communication or telephoning. Due to a foam strip glued to the forehead area, the necessary distance to the nose and mouth is maintained, which means that our face visor does not fog up - you always have a clear view! The Face Shield can also be worn by spectacle wearers without any problems.

The Face Shield can be individually adjusted according to head size and closed with a wave fastener at the back of the head. Beforehand, the self-adhesive foam strip is easily positioned on the marking in the visor, firmly pressed on and glued. It is resistant to disinfectants and can be easily cleaned with a glass cleaner and soft cloth.

The Face Shield offers simple hygienic protection for unavoidable encounters at the workplace in the office, in manufacturing, at authorities or doctors' surgeries. It is not a medical device and virus protection, but an additional hygiene protection.

Our Face Shield can be produced in very large quantities. Half a million visors per week can be realised without any problems.

We will be happy to send you further informations on request.


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Dear customers! 

Today I would like to tell you that our production is running at "full steam". We owe this situation first and foremost to you, OUR CUSTOMERS! For your loyalty, I say THANK YOU on behalf of my staff!!!

In our e-mail of 3rd March 2020, I informed you about the precautionary measures taken with regard to the Corona virus. We are updating further measures on a daily basis, i.e. we are following all sensible recommendations. Proactively, we implemented a splitting in production and administration at the end of February 2020! Adjustments to hygiene precautions for our employees at the workplace are a matter of urgency, as we manufacture according to the HACCP concept.

Access to the production & administration area for external persons is currently not permitted. Our forwarding carriers independently load and unload the goods provided. Furthermore, we use different storage areas that are spatially separated from each other, which we can access at any time.

We maintain a permanent exchange with our suppliers and use system-relevant companies! This means that our suppliers produce foils for the food, pharmaceutical and health care industries. This ensures our supply of raw materials. Corresponding confirmations from the suppliers are available for inspection.

We are strongly convinced that our sustainable clear packaging, made from up to 100% recycled and consumer-sourced material, ensures good protection of the product's contents against external influences and thus for the consumer. Our closed HACCP concept ensures any demands on hygiene-compliant packaging!

We would like to ask you if you can tell us your requirements for the next three months. This will enable us to make arrangements with our suppliers as a precautionary measure. We would be pleased about your interest in this service.

My team and I are always available to answer your questions and hope for a continued close and cooperative partnership.
Stay healthy!

Kind regards

Wolfgang Schäfers

Benefit from our sustainable materials too

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Important note
about the Corona virus

We have a HACCP concept in our company to ensure any customer requirement for hygiene-compliant products!

Here you can download our hygiene policy

buttom download

We obtain our raw materials exclusively from German suppliers. We have the corresponding confirmations of conformity.
We have distributed our storage areas at different locations so that no supply shortages can occur.

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Due to the increased consumer awareness regarding the use of eco-friendly products and services Schäfers takes responsibility as a manufacturer of transparent packaging and has been improving the products over many years to be able to deliver the most eco-friendly and climate neutral packaging. Our sustainable transparent packaging provides optimum protection of the content against external influences. For several decades we have been taking measures toimprove  sustainability and recycling:

• constant improvement of packaging solutions of the materials - saving the valuable raw products.
• reclaiming of production waste as recyclable material for PET-foil.
• usage of solvent-free printing ink, adhesive as well as using ultrasonic welding.


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The transparent "high-tech packaging" - the perfect appearance for your products

Your products are valuable. They deserve the best possible appearance and protection, user-friendly handling and optimal staging. We have a wide range of high-quality packaging designs and finishing technologies at our disposal to give your product the perfect start. With our packaging solutions, we strengthen our customers' market positioning by ensuring optimum product protection and an attractive product presentation. With clear packaging from Schäfers you will stand out from the crowd.

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